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MusicoTel is the phone message producing service of one of the French leading sound branding agency : AtooMedia.

AtooMedia, communication agency dedicated to musical marketing & sound branding since 2001, aims at proposing consultancy and production services for full musical universe branding.

We propose to companies and public institutions to help them in their communication on the area of sound, voice and music on every supports : phones (welcoming, answering-machine, etc.), websites, music in shops, ads on radio and TV. We can act on every media accepting audio and sounds.

According to the growing demand for these services and thanks to prestigeous references in France, Europe and worldwide, we have decided to allow smaller structures such as SMEs to get professional work for their welcoming phone messages at a price adapted to their needs and constraints. MusicoTel aims at allowing small companies to benefit from professionnal phone messages for an overall budget acceptable. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our international sales team.

Since 2001, we have the pleasure to go with the following companies, on different markets :

AAF, Aviva, Telindus, TDF, Castelis, Focus BioInnova Europe, TMAB France, CGAL, Charlie 12, SPI, Préfécture du Var, AZ Pro, Annonce Pro, Windsor Home Paris, Carmafix, ISEE, Base aérienne 107, Scandale, Aries Meca, LTC France sarl, Aquatycia, Crinoligne, DAGEMO, Info France, Antelec, Autocars Sotram, Obelcom, Nodateam , Altec, Centre Européen d'Entreprise et d'Innovation (CEEI), Laboratoires CNRS, 4x4 Transalp Jeep France, Abyss Expertise, Chambres de Commerce et d'Industrie (CCI), AMTEC sarl, GPI sas, Suppleance, Arexia sas, ADL Piscines, Piscines Evasions, Ravizza sa, Lim sa, Arf, Alna Services, France Fermetures, Bianchi Motor Sport, Conseils Généraux, IMS Entreprises, Diag'Immo, Cognix Systems, Syselec, Parifidex, Boximedia, Cabinet Lahitte, Electro Therm, Agory, Sixtycom, Société Européenne de Diffusion (S.E.D), Sa Transbearn, Declime Service, Phone Genius, Bergon sas, Mediaplus Developpement, Association Alzheimer, Sarl SPM, A.T.A, Restaurant Garnier, Serveurcom, Ligacon sa, Securilife, 101 informatique sarl, Jidea, AB Cruise sarl, Cabinet Hoogers, Holovid, Murisseries Industrielles Antillaises, Mairies, sarl Ambulances Auxerroises, Roynel, sarl Hoteliere de la Haute Ville, Tours dentaire, Lia-Tech, Ministères, Paris Fluides systemes, ANPAA 40, ABR, Antiq-photo Gallery, P.I.F. sarl, Cerus Informatique, ElBEE sas, WelcomEurope, Taxi Stamens, Agora, Kemmen, INCB, Eurinter, Atlanticom, ADEC, Geniapharm, A2Presse, Vialis, Cabinet Lavoix, Diagnotys, Meditel, HP3i, EURL Letice, Synerg'i, A Consulting, WHD-RS, Ecole Supérieure de Logistique Industrielle, New-Eve SA, AB Cruise, Top Industrie, Imedia, Elouard.com, Thomas Cook, NTIC Services Antilles, Kyriad Hotel, Setipp, Moraflor, Collège d'Arbaud, Cirrest, IsoBourse, Graphimage, Seekey Technology, Sakaweb, ADSE, Transports Canet, CDRM, A.T.A, Transports Van Hecke, Taxi Stamens, Holovid, Copropriété Services, Carrières Roy, Tesuji Soft, GIE 3x Plus, LMC, Groupe Sarrail, ... et beaucoup d'autres : professions libérales (avocats, médecins...), PME, TPE, Hôtels, courtiers en assurance...

MusicoTel is a service of AtooMedia, the french sound and musical design communication agency.
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